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I've done some price shopping and have noticed that your prices are quite low compared to the competition. I'm worried that this may affect the quality of your work. Can you comment on this?

Affect the quality of our work? Not at all! In fact you will probably notice that the service we provide is superior to the others who charge much higher rates. Unlike many large retail firms, we are fortunate in that our overhead is extremely low. We are able to pass this onto our clients and generate the same profit. And remember, we guarantee our work.

Many companies tend to charge by the schedule and certain entries. They claim it costs them more to add information. How can you charge a flat rate?

First, you must understand that it does not cost the company any more to enter additional data other than, maybe, the time it takes to do so. The software company does not charge any more to process more complex returns, nor does the Canada Revenue Agency charge the company more to send it to them. Our experience has found that companies will charge an extra $20.00 simply because the tax preparer clicked on a checkbox in order for the software to print out an additional 3 pages. This may have taken the preparer all of three seconds, although, you the client, is led to believe that this was a drain on the system. It's not! It cost the company exactly the same to process that return and pay their employee as it would have had that check box not been clicked. We believe that this type of invoicing is simply unethical.

Are there any other pricing issues that you can think of?

Off the top of our heads, I could tell you that you that often, companies fail to train their employees on the cost benefit to the client of not entering certain deductions. You will often hear the line that clients are required to submit a complete and accurate tax return. Employees, therefore, are led to believe that everything must be entered. But this is not true. All income, regardless of source must be entered. However, taxpayers are not required to enter deductions, and there are times when it may be beneficial to not do so. For example, claiming one deduction may negate claiming a better deduction to the detriment of the client. Also, past experience has shown that there are times when entering a deduction would cost a client an additional $10.00, but they only incur an additional increase in their tax refund of $2.00. So tell me, does it make any sense to pay $10.00 to get $2.00 back. I don't think so. Unfortunately, many tax preparers are not taught to recognize this situation. The company they work for doesn't care, because, guess who benefits. Incidently, this would not happen to us as you would be quoted a flat fee right up front.

Do you offer free initial consultations?

Absolutely! In fact we go beyond this. We will enter all your data and if you don't like the results, you are free to go. No Charge.

Can we stick around while you do our taxes?

Yes, of course you can. In fact, this is our preferred procedure. We will prepare your tax return face-to-face so that you can see exactly what we are doing and why and how we are getting the results we are obtaining. We actually prefer dealing with our clients on a one-to-one and face-to-face manner as we are then able to engage in conversation, ask questions, and often find that you are eligible for more deductions than you thought.

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